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Wednesday, 4 June 2008
Back to Negotiations

So it's the day after negotiations. Any guesses on what will happen? I, for one, would love to hear from my union about what's going on. I checked our DCTA president's blog today, hoping to see an update on negotiations, but there is no relevant information. Nothing from the district either. I wonder what the outcome of this already drawn-out saga will be?

 Predictions? Worries?

Posted by denvernewteachers08 at 11:42 AM MDT
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Friday, 30 May 2008
DCTA abandoning its teachers?

The faculty from Montclair along with several parents went to DCTA headquarters to try and talk with our union's leadership about the school's proposal for autonomy today. Sadly, DCTA was nowehere to be found. Word has it they were in Beaver Creek. DCTA has been absent in addressing Montclair's proposal for weeks, much like they have been absent from the bargaining table.

 But then again, there's always time to relax in the mountains...

 Here is a letter sent to DCTA president Kim Ursetta from Montclair folks.

Good Morning Kim,

The faculty and parents of Montclair came to the DCTA office on May 30th at
10A.M. to chat about our agreement. Unfortunately, you and Bruce where out
of the office. We met with Pablo and left a letter.

We understand this is busy time of year but we would like to discuss our
proposal and come to an agreement before the beginning of next year.  It is
in the best interests of our students to start the next school year with our
agreement in place.  Our proposal was submitted on April 18th, has been
approved by the School Board and DCTA has been provided with sufficient time
to approve the matter.

Thanks for your time and considerations.

Gigi Hummel
Montclair Elementary
Kindergarten Teacher

Kyle Kimmal
3rd Grade teacher
DCTA member

Shannon Hagerman

Posted by denvernewteachers08 at 4:42 PM MDT
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Monday, 26 May 2008
Dear Colleagues

Dear Colleagues


As a veteran DPS teacher I am frustrated and disgusted with the current stalemate of negotiations. We repeat the same pathetic cycle year after year.  Negotiations break down and mediation fails in the spring and we go into the summer without any closure.


We should ask why this continues to happen. I am a long time DCTA member and I have supported my union by participating in the various meetings, building actions, and rallies year after year. We go through the same exercises and end up with the same results: nothing.


I am finding it difficult to have faith in our union to bargain effectively. I can’t see that we have made any gains in the last decade. Our power and influence seems to continue to diminish more each year. Our standing in the community and press is dismal. The constant turn over of teachers in this district has a serious impact on our ability to maintain a consistent and effective learning environment for our students. It simply makes our job that more difficult. It is frustrating because we never seem to get all the information. There always seems to be confusion and disagreement on what is being said or offered by the district and DCTA.


Perhaps it’s time for change in DCTA leadership. Our current methods are clearly not working and our bargaining team is apparently not able to represent or fully understand our needs and cannot deliver an agreement that will allow us to attract and retain quality teachers.  


There is reason to be optimistic. I have read both proposals, and I am encouraged we finally have a record high amount of money available and the district wants to give it to teachers. If all teachers are going to receive more money, how can we turn this down? Raising the starting salary to $44,000 is something we should have done a long time ago. It would be nice to have people stick around for a while.


The whole time issue seems to be an unnecessary distraction. It shouldn’t be that difficult. Why can’t we allow the staffs to design their workday?


Why waste more time on mediation and useless job actions. Teachers should simply be able to vote on the proposals and decide for ourselves.

Posted by denvernewteachers08 at 9:13 PM MDT
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Thursday, 22 May 2008
Now Playing: Do they really represent us?
So my question is does the DCTA really represent the teachers of DPS?  When they have all of this money on the table from the district and they do not even put an offer on the table? When they remain oppositional instead of conducting an educated discussion?

Posted by denvernewteachers08 at 8:39 PM MDT
Updated: Monday, 26 May 2008 9:10 PM MDT
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