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Dear fellow teachers,
As the end of the year draws nearer, it is important we are all paying attention to the important events occurring regarding contract negotiations.  Even if you are not a union memeber, it is critical for you to know what is happening.
Currently, the district and union are at a stalemate.  However, the district is offering a very attractive package. Under one of the district's offers, starting salary will increase to $44,000 with opportunities to obtain larger bonuses.  After working so hard, we deserve to earn a more competitive salary. 
Sadly, it seems that our union is not representing us well at the bargaining table. Please share this information with other teachers.  We need to make sure we have a voice when it comes to how we will be paid for our hard work.
Below is a link to several resources regarding negotiations, please review them and educate yourself.

View the information released by both DPS and DCTA here